Preconstruction Services

LAH BUILDERS understands the impact quality preconstruction services has on the success of your project. Our depth of experience in construction provides indispensable knowledge that we can apply upfront in the planning process to help our clients achieve their goals. Our approach recognizes that each project has its own unique infrastructure, code or budget challenges. We offer a mix of preconstruction services that can best serve the goals and needs of a specific project. By matching our strengths with those of other team members, our projects benefit from a balanced approach, resulting in a budget, schedule and quality that are custom tailored to meet our clients’ expectations. We stay informed on pricing information and cost trends to accurately forecast construction costs. Beyond accurate cost estimating, a full-service preconstruction menu approach can provide maximum value for our clients.

Preconstruction Services Include

  • Preconstruction coordination, communication and problem solving
  • Preconstruction/design phase schedule development and monitoring
  • Project feasibility review and construction market analysis
  • Cost estimating preparation at design milestones
  • Cost management analysis, comparative studies and systems alternatives evaluation
  • Cost Control– Design revision tracking and budget validation between milestone estimates
  • Design Management– Technical, constructability and quality control reviews of project documents
  • Preliminary construction schedule development and updates
  • Logistical planning, including site utilization management, staging, phase coordination
  • Bid packaging/contracting strategy and scope of work coordination
  • Subcontractor solicitation and prequalification
  • Pre-bid conference and site visit coordination
  • Bid analysis evaluation and recommendations
  • Procurement planning including long lead item and early release package coordination